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InkTec research and manufacture the highest quality World Class large and small format Inks

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About InkTec Inkjet Media - Toner Refills - Inkjet refill kits from Inktec UK

Suppliers of InkTec Inkjet Media

1. Intro

Colour inkjet printing is the fastest growing technology for home and office. While plain, uncoated papers can be used in colour inkjet printers, optimum print performance can only be obtained by using specially coated papers that allow the ink to absorb uniformly to provide true colour reproduction coupled with crisp black and white images.

To meet this growing demand, InkTec Co., Ltd.- a professional chemistry firm has extended it's product lines - Inkjet Specialty Paper & Print Media Products - this is to provide customers with inks and papers which are optimised to give the highest quality for professional colour printing needs in both small and large format applications.

Take a look at the new Specialty papers and imaging media products available from InkTec. Specially formulated coatings and strict quality checks ensure that InkTec's products are among the finest inkjet papers available for your print job. Papers are optimised to work with Inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Epson and Lexmark etc.

2. Product Information.

InkTec offers the large selection of Inkjet Specialty Media products these provide optimum quality for a wide variety of the most popular printers currently available

3. What is Inkjet Specialty Paper

This page provides introductory information of inkjet specialty media and it's principles
Gloss - Gloss coated
Photo - Paper has the look and feel of a real photograph.
Silk - Paper with a smoother surface reading
Matt - Paper with a rougher, more tactile surface
Specialist - Paper for applications, e.g. OHP film, business card, greeting card, etc.

In determining which paper to choose for a particular purpose let us look at the characteristics which affect a particular paper's performance. Consideration of these factors should give a better understanding of InkTec's manufacturing of coated inkjet media and perhaps save you time and effort from the fuss and confusion caused by so many different varieties of media

This is how much a paper can absorb the ink while printing

Drying Time
Drying times of the different papers varies according to type. The quickest drying gloss papers are termed "Instant Dry" This description can be given to a paper which is completely dry as soon as the print completes on the printer. Papers and media which are not "Instant Dry" may be described as "Quick Dry", however, these papers vary greatly in drying time and care must be taken with newly printed images by keeping the newly printed surface out of contact with other objects until completely dry. In some extreme examples this can be up to 30 minutes.

While the penetration of ink into the paper is proceeding, there should be no ink spreading and inter colour bleeding.

Colour Manifestation
When the ink is fixed to the paper, the colour should maintain its original colour.

Pigment Absorption
Pigment ink of HP printers has to be absorbed quickly and clearly not to run, spread or blur even in scrubbing

Tactile Sense
This is how a paper feels to touch. Although it's not always related to smoothness, paper with a rich tactile sense can create an image of elegance, luxury, or superior quality. There shouldn't be a sticky feeling some time after printing.

A paper's ability to withstand exposure to moisture. On some types of paper water contacting the surface melts the film coating film permanently damaging pictures or graphics

Gloss Quality
A high-gloss finish provides bright, clear reproduction with a professional, photo-like quality.

Ability to preserve it's contour without curling upon exposure to light or high temperature.

Archival Quality
This is how long a paper can be expected to preserve it's original colour within the coating. For example, a paper that is acid-free has an extended life of more than 200 years.

A paper's weight affects its durability and its ability to move through your printer. lt also affects eye-appeal, opacity and curling


The Inktec range of media features papers that are specially coated to provide the maximum color quality from Inktec inks, with the least compromise in the fade resistance of the image. The coatings used are designed to stop catalytic and dark fading that are prevalent in many ink/media combinations or Photographic processes. The Inktec media range is suitable for both Black and White and Colour printing. Media Paper Ink Cartridges ink for inkjet cartridges for Sharp Xerox ink Printer ink Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges. Recycle your printer ink cartridges to help the environment. 100% Guaranteed 100% Full of Ink 100% - UK's lowest prices, money back guarantee, secure online ordering Ink Cartridge Refill Shop online Scottish Borders Hotel Ink Cartridge Refill

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