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InkTec research and manufacture the highest quality World Class large and small format Inks

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Quality Inkjet Cartridges - Toner Refills - Inkjet refill kits from ProPrint

Suppliers of Inkjet ink for compatible and recycled inkjet cartridges

Will InkTec cartridge refill inks be as good as the printer makers cartridges and inks?

Yes, these replacement cartridge refill inks are as good as the printer makers OEM cartridges. OEM means Original Equipment Maker. InkTec brings a new definition to inkjet OEM, because InkTec is the original manufacturer of the ink. Many low cost ink alternatives on the market today buy ink from third party manufacturers. InkTec have never done this nor will they ever do this. By stringent quality control of the ink manufacturing process you are ensured of getting products as good as the printer maker's cartridges

Is ink quality really all that important?

Ink quality makes a big difference. The print head on your cartridge or in your machine may get clogged or destroyed by inks that do not meet the OEM specification on pH value, viscosity, boiling points, surface tension, density, drying time and L*a*b* colour values. Many ink products use the wrong base to their ink, this can cause damage to the printhead - You have been warned! InkTec inks are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest print quality at all times - they are designed to be as good as or better than OEM ink.

How many times can I refill my cartridge?

It depends on a number of factors. Crucial among these is (1) keeping the ink flowing i.e. not allowing the ink to dry out in the print head. On the majority of non piezo printers (HP Lexmark Canon) when the ink runs out and the user continues to try printing, continued use results in permanent & irreversible printhead damage. (2) Less serious but nevertheless important is not to leave the printhead exposed to air. If an empty cartridge is removed from a printer the print head should ideally be protected from air by covering it with a tape to prevent drying out. A cartridge well looked after can be successfully refilled many times - contrary to what some cartridge manufacturers say. The key is to keep the ink flowing by "topping up" and not to allow it to "run out"

What is the difference between pigmented ink and dye based inks?
All ink jet printer inks used in the home and most businesses use a similar formulation. The basic make-up of ink jet inks is de-ionized water as the solvent, isopropyl alcohol or glycol as the drying agent, and dye base to provide the colour. These materials as well as proprietary ingredients are mixed in various proportions to form ink jet inks. Depending on the page speed, print head design and colour capabilities, the actual proportion of the ingredients will vary. All dye-based ink jet ink formulations lack water resistance.
The introduction of pigmented black inks changed this, instead of using water soluble dye to provide colour, pigmented inks use small particles suspended in the base solution to provide the colour. To keep the particles from settling out of the solution the pigment particles are coated with a polymer material to generate a static charge around the particle, thereby keeping the particles from clumping.
The main advantage of pigmented inks
 Pigmented ink particles tend to settle into the tiny fibers that make up the paper. As the ink dries, the pigment particles get stuck in the fibers. Thus, the pigmented inks are more water-resistant than the dye-based inks. Only about 5 to 10 percent of the ink will dissolve into the water if the paper is wetted. Dye-based ink tends to fade quicker, since all of the molecules are exposed to the chemical and sunlight-caused reactions that fade the ink. You may notice fading of dye-based inks exposed to direct sunlight commonly in 6 to 12 months. Pigment particles being "hidden" in the fibres. It is much more difficult for sunlight and chemicals to react with all of the pigment molecules. Pigmented inks therefore will usually last for many years before fading becomes noticeable.  Also the small particle size allows sharper image detail on even low-grade paper as the ink is less susceptible to bleeding and wicking on the paper fibers.
The disadvantages
Pigmented ink in black tends to have a charcoal appearance and so far colour-pigmented inks do not provide a good colour match to dye based formulations. In addition pigmented inks are very expensive to produce, costing 2 to 4 times that of dye based inks.

1. Basic principles of the Ink Jet Printer.

Inkjet Printers operate by a Non-impact method through nozzles with microscopic holes.

Inkjet printers are classified into two main types.
A - Thermal Jet

By heating up an electric element on the head of cartridge, expanded inks are jetted through nozzles. Hewlett Packard, Canon, Olivetti and Lexmark adopt this method where the head and nozzles are together on a same cartridge. Depending on the direction of jet, there is a difference between HP printers (jet in the same direction of expanding) and Canon printers (jets are at right angles to the expanding direction, called, Bubble Jet).

B - Piezo Method

With vibrating of a Piezo Electric Element, inks are jetted through nozzles. Epson printers adopt this method and nozzle and head are placed on the printer itself, not on the cartridge.

2. Pigment Ink v  Dye Ink

                    A - The features of Pigment Ink

Does not easily dissolve in water, pigment in colloid type is used.

Strong Water Fast, does not easily decolourize. More permanent than Dye.

The depth of colour is much thicker

B - The features of Dye Ink

The Ink is entirely dissolved in the solution

Less Waterfast

Wider and Brighter Colour Vision

C - The differences between Pigment and Dyestuff inks

Characteristic   Pigment Ink Dye Ink


Not easily dissolved in water

Dissolves easily in water

The formulation method

Dispersion (Transforms to Colloid)

Dissolves easily

Hydrophile property radical



Light fastness



Particulate size

50nm ~ 200nm

Less than 10nm


Organic solvent (Paint) or for outdoor


D -The differences between Pigment Based Ink and Dye Based Ink
Characteristic Pigment Ink Dye Ink
Light Fastness Superior Inferior
Colour Gamut Narrow Colour Gamut Wide Colour Gamut
Water fastness Superior Inferior
Colour Impression Relatively Dull Relatively Bright / Vivid
Overall fastness Relatively superior Relatively Inferior
Stability of Head Relatively Inferior Relatively superior
The world-wide tendency regarding development of inkjet ink is moving towards Pigment ink with high water fastness, light fastness and permanency
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